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Ad Hoc Safety Meeting Template

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

This is a blank template that can be used to conduct an ad hoc meeting on any topic that the meeting administrator would like to cover. Just enter the topics discussed and record attendance.

Agriculture and Farming
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Agribusiness Heat Illness Prevention

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Ensure your workers are protected from heat illness with this checklist. Based on OSHA standards, this inspection allows you to lower the risk posed by heat in agricultural work environments.

Agriculture and Farming

Agribusiness Safety Checklist of Slips, Trips, and Falls

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Based on OSHA agriculture standards, this inspection helps you identify and remove slip, trip, and fall hazards. Protect your workers from costly injury and prevent operations hiccups with this farming...

Agriculture and Farming

All other Events and Exposures inspection

Contributor: Safesite HQ • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Use this inspection checklist to review other common events and exposures that farmers find on the farm and how to complete them safely.

Agriculture and Farming

Animals and insects injuries inspections

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Use this checklist to review in order to prevent exposure to insects and animal bites. For workers, insects and animals can range from a mild annoyance to a potentially life threatening hazard.

Agriculture and Farming

Auditoria de segurança de máquinas de agronegócio da OSHA e proteção contra capotamento

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Lista de verificação OSHA para que o maquinário agrícola esteja devidamente equipado com ROPS e para que operadores de trator mantenham a segurança. Satisfaz o req. de 29 CFR 1928 Subparte A-C.

Agriculture and Farming

Auditoría de Protección contra Vuelcos y Seguridad de Maquinaria Agrícola de OSHA

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Revisión OSHA para garantizar que la maquinaria agrícola esté debidamente equipada con ROPS y los operadores de tractores utilicen las mejores prácticas de seguridad. Req. de 29 CFR 1928 Subparte A-C.

Agriculture and Farming

COVID-19 Daily Guidelines Meeting

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Daily meeting reviewing the new protocols associated with COVID-19. This meeting can be used daily by anyone onsite to communicate regulations and standards.

Agriculture and Farming
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Confined Space Requirements Safety Checklist for Grain Handling Facilities

Contributor: Safesite • Jurisdiction: OSHA

Grain handling facilities should use this OSHA checklist to identify and communicate potential hazards to their workforce who are working in confined spaces and protect employees from injury.

Agriculture and Farming

Cord, Rope, and Hose Management to Prevent Trip Hazards

Contributor: Safesite HQ • Jurisdiction: General

Use this safety meeting to discuss cords, ropes, and hoses and how to prevent trip hazards and housekeeping issues on jobsites.

Agriculture and Farming
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