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Aerial Lift Swing Radius Safety

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Use this meeting to discuss the hazards associated with the swing radius of an aerial lift.

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Aerial Lift Swing Radius Safety

1. Just like mobile and pedestal cranes, some aerial lifts can swing 360° from the center of the equipment. The swinging of mobile equipment can cause caught-in and struck-by injuries, which are the top hazards in most industries.

2. The most important safety of any mobile equipment is proper training. Operators must go through safety and operations training before they can operate. Retraining is also important as bad habits can be learned over time.

3. Conduct a daily equipment inspection or after each shift when used on multiple shifts. This includes both a visual and physical inspection. If deficiencies are found during the inspection, tag the lift out of service until repairs can be made.

4. The swing radius is the circle where parts of equipment may move within and includes the reach of the equipment.

5. When there is a potential to swing the aerial lift during operations, a work zone with barriers and warning lines should be set up to alert personnel of the swing area. Keep unauthorized people out of this area.

6. When setting up a work zone, take note of overhead objects and clearances, and stay at least 10 feet away from power lines.

7. You should never approach an operator unless they acknowledge your presence and stop operations. Give a wave and wait for a nod of acknowledgement from your operator before continuing on. Communication methods should be established before starting work.

8. High vis clothing and PPE should be worn so operators can see personnel in the area. Before operations check that garments are clean and well maintained.

9. Avoid cell phones and other potential distractions when operating equipment.

10. What are other potential issues when it comes to the swing radius of an aerial lift?

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