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A-frame Ladders in the Workplace

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Use this meeting to discuss A-frame ladders in the workplace.

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A-frame Ladders in the Workplace

1. Ladders are an important and useful tool for the workplace. Setting up an A-frame ladder correctly can not only give you the maximum stability needed to complete work, but can also avoid many accidents and potential injuries.

2. Use the correct ladder for the job and check for the identification tag, which should be clearly legible on the ladder. Check the safe working limit and make sure you and your tools do not exceed this number.

3. Always do an inspection of the ladder prior to use. Look for cracks or bends, any loose parts or hardware, slippery material, and that both the non-slip feet are present. If the ladder has oil, grease, or another slippery substance, make sure it is cleaned off and dried before starting work. If there is any damage, the ladder should be removed from service.

4. Following an inspection and before use, make sure the ladder is put on a stable and level surface. Keep the area clear of obstructions.

5. Face the ladder and maintain three points of contact while climbing and descending. To keep the ladder balanced, stay centered within the rails.

6. When using an A-frame ladder, do not stand on the top two steps unless they are designed for standing.

7. A-frame ladders include spreaders or braces that are to be locked in place prior to climbing. Never use an A-frame ladder folded in place of a straight ladder and ensure all spreaders and braces lock and are not loose or damaged.

8. Don't let tools get in the way of your hands. Tools should be carried on a tool belt or use a hand line and raise tools after you've made your climb.

9. Never overreach or move/shift the ladder while in use.

10. In what ways do we need to use A-frame style ladders in the workplace? What would our potential hazards be working with ladders?

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