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Signs, Signals & Barricades Toolbox Talk

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Knowing which signs, signals, and barricades to use for roadway construction hazards is essential in keeping the work area, roadside, and surrounding areas safe for workers and the general public.

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Signs, Signals & Barricades Toolbox Talk

1. Sign, barricades and signals are critical to the safety of construction workers.

2. Signs are warning of a hazard, temporarily or permanently placed at the location of the hazard. Signs and symbols shall be visible at all times when work is being performed and shall be removed or covered promptly when the hazards no longer exist.

3. Use danger signs when there is an immediate hazard. Danger signs are red, black and white.

4. Use Caution signs to warn against potential hazards or to caution againts unsafe practices. Caution signs are yellow and black.

5. Exit signs shall be lettered in legible red letters, not less than 6" high and 3/4" wide. Red letters shall be on a white background.

6. Construction areas shall be posted with legible traffic signs at point of hazard.

7. Barricades are obstructions set up to deter the passage of persons or vehicles.

8. Signals are moving signs, provided by workers, such as flagmen, or by devices, such as flashing lights to warn of possible or existing hazards.

9. When operations are such that signs, signals and barricades do not provide enough or necessary protection on or adjacent to a highway or street, flagmen or other traffic controls shall be used.

10. Signaling directions by flagmen shall conform to the American National Standards Institute, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways.

11. Hand signaling by flagmen shall be by use of red flags at least 18" square.

12. Red lights will be used in the dark.

13. Flagmen shall be provided with and wear a red or orange warning garment while flagging. Night warning garments shall be reflectorized.

14. Tags are temporary signs, usually attached to a piece of equipment or part of a structure to warn of existing or immediate hazards.

15. Safety Reminders: Always obey all warning signs, barricades or signals.

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