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Back and Lifting Safety Meeting

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This meeting covers best case practices for lifting ergonomics. Your team will learn how to avoid back injuries, learn about the back itself, and how to stay injury-free on the job.

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Back and Lifting Safety Meeting

1. Back pain is the most expensive healthcare problem.

2. Back pain is the most expensive individual injury.

3. Back pain is the most common cause of disability for workers under 45. The cost is 20 billion/year.

4. 80% of the population experiences back pain.

5. 2% of people experiecing back pain have surgery.

6. The first requirement in preventing back injuries is to understand how the back works. The back is primarily made up of the spine and ligaments. The spine is made up of bones, nerves and discs. Bones give the back strength. Disc are like shock absorbers. Without discs we wouldn't be able to bend and the bones would crush against the nerves. Discs are like soft hockey pucks made of jelly-like material. Discs absorb pressure applied to back and bones and receive lots of wear and tear.

7. When lifting, remember to bend legs not back, keeping the back in its normal curve. This will allow discs to remain spread evenly across the bones. When you bend abnormally, all pressure is applied to one side of disk and can cause damage. Every time we bend, pressure is applied to the discs and over time discs can become damaged. By maintaining even pressure to discs, our backs remain flexible so we can carry out routine tasks and live comfortably.

8. Ligaments are strong fiber-like material that help support the back and are designed to stretch which adds flexibility to the back. Ligaments work sort of like rubber bands. However, if you stretch them too far, they can tear. Time will heal these tears, but it's smarter to take care of your back rather than going through painful healing.

9. Some tips to keep your back healthy: Exercise frequently.

10. Some tips to keep your back healthy: Don't overstretch.

11. Some tips to keep your back healthy: Use stepladders, whenevr possible.

12. Some tips to keep your back healthy: Get help when lifting.

13. Safety Reminders: Dont ever lift and twist. Lift, then take a couple of steps, then turn the body 90 degrees before placing object down.

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