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Accident Investigation Safety Meeting

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A thorough accident investigation can prevent future incidents. This meeting can be used by safety managers and other personnel to review protocol.

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Accident Investigation Safety Meeting

1. Accidents are investigated to find out why and how they happened--not to fix blame. Once we know how and why and accident investigation is one of the best ways to prevent future accidents. We also investigate near-misses. Near-misses are warnings that help us identify problems so we can avoid accidents.

2. Employee cooperation is required.

3. We need you to: Always report any accidents or near-miss immediately so we can investigate the situation.

4. We need you to: Cooperate with all investigations.

5. Again, we investigate an accident to prevent it from happening in the future, not to assign blame. Employee cooperation can make a big difference in providing a safe workplace.

6. Accidents should be investigated when the facts are fresh in everyone's mind.

7. An accident investigation includes the following: What happened?

8. An accident investigation includes the following: When did it happen?

9. An accident investigation includes the following: Where did it happen?

10. An accident investigation includes the following: How did it happen?

11. An accident investigation includes the following: Why did it happen?

12. An accident investigation includes the following: Who was involved?

13. An accident investigation includes the following: How can we prevent it from happening again?

14. If an accident occurs, the first thing to do is make sure that any injured worker receives needed medical treatment. If the accident involves a spill or leak, it has to be stopped. But other than this, we try to keep the accident scene untouched until accident investigation is completed. During the accident investigation, we try to obtain immediate impressions of what happened. As time passes, a witness may confuse the current incident with something that happened in the past or become confused by what other people say.

15. We need everyone's help not only to investigate accidents, but to take the corrective actions that will prevent future accidents.

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