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OSHA Performance Test of Half-Face Purifying Respirators Inspection

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Use this performance test to accurately inspect half-face respirators for any deficiencies such as cracks, tears or excessive dirt. Also use this checklist to review how to properly put on and take off the device.

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OSHA Performance Test of Half-Face Purifying Respirators Inspection

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1. Examine the face piece for the following excessive dirt,cracks, tears, holes, or distortion from improper storage, inflexibility (stretch and massage to restore flexibility),cracked or broken air-purifying element holder(s), badly worn threads, or missing gasket(s) (if required).


2. Examine the head straps or head harness for the following breaks, loss of elasticity and twists. Broken or malfunctioning buckles and attachments or any breaks.


3. Remove exhalation valve cover and examine valve for the following foreign material, such as detergent, residue, dust particles, or human hair under the valve seat. Cracks, tears, or distortion in the valve material. Improper insertion of the valve body in the facepiece. Cracks, breaks, or chips in the valve body, particularly in the sealing surface. Missing or defective valve cover or improper installation of the valve in the valve body.


4. Examine air-purifying elements for: Correct cartridge, canister, or filter. Correct/incorrect installation, loose connections, missing or worn gaskets, or cross-threading in holder. Expired shelf-life date on cartridge or canister. Cracks or dents in outside case of filter, cartridge, or canister. Evidence of prior use of sorbent cartridge or canister, indicated by absence of sealing material, tape, foil, etc., over inlet.


5. Attach neck strap, place chin in chin cup and pull crown straps or head harness across head and adjust straps to correct fit. Perform positive pressure user seal check by placing palm of hand over exhalation valve cover and exhaling slightly for a count of 10. Notice any leaks. Perform negative pressure user seal check by placing palms of hands over filter intakes and inhaling slightly for count of 10. Notice any leaks.


6. Readjust straps, if necessary. Repeat negative/positive pressure user seal check if readjustment occurs. Check for good breathing. Loosen straps from top to bottom. Be gentle so as not to damage elasticity of straps. Grasp respirator on bottom and remove upward over top of head. Remove cartridges and dispose of properly.


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